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BlackBerry QNX recently announced that Niagara’s 13 municipalities and regional police service will use BlackBerry AtHoc — a critical event management platform and the result of a recent partnership with TELUS — to revamp its new crisis response system to the benefit of nearly 500,000 residents.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our community requires reliable communication systems and collaborative partnerships,” said Ron Tripp, the Niagara Region’s acting chief administrative officer. 

BlackBerry AtHoc modernizes our emergency management systems and provides Niagara with a secure mass communications solution.”

BlackBerry AtHoc is expected to allow the Region of Niagara to improve its communications in times of crisis, making law enforcement’s responses faster and more effective. Already in use by millions of users around the world, the platform boasts an unprecedented ability to allow communities and organizations to quickly gather the information they need to make critical safety decisions in real-time, and was made possible by the collaboration between BlackBerry’s security technology abilities and TELUS’s connectivity.

“We’re thrilled to build on our long-standing relationship with BlackBerry to bring best-in-class emergency solutions to Canadians,” said Marshall Berkin, vice-president of industry solutions at TELUS Business Solutions. 

“The deployment of BlackBerry AtHoc in the Niagara Region will connect Canadians in an exciting new way, keeping them safe and informed during emergency and critical situations.”

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