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2023-2028 Strategic plan

With 540+ companies and 33,000 employees, the Kanata North technology park is an economic powerhouse that contributes more than $13 billion annually to Canada’s GDP. The announcements of new mixed-use residential and commercial towers coming into the park, ensures its evolution to a vibrant community where the best in talent will live, work, play, learn and innovate.

Based on an extensive strategic planning and consultation process carried out in 2023 with our members, including a detailed environmental scanning exercise, the KNBA is proud to reveal the three key pillars guiding our roadmap to 2030: Talent, Technology and Community.

Kanata North will continue to be one of the world’s leading technology hubs, and our new five-year Strategic Plan provides the foundation to grow this position. Read more about how the KNBA will ensure Kanata North’s long-term competitive position for the benefit of the region and Canada’s economy and foster the success of the technology businesses that call Kanata North home.

“There has never been a more exciting future in the history of Canada’s largest technology park.”

— The Kanata North Business Association, Strategic Plan

Strategic plan Land acknowledgement

The Kanata North Business Association acknowledges it is located upon the unceded, traditional territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg and the people of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation and respects the traditional knowledge and healing developed over generations.

We recognize all Indigenous people in the region, from all Nations across Canada, who have also made Ottawa their home. We acknowledge the traditional knowledge keepers, both young and old. And we honour their courageous leaders: past, present, and future.

We commit to continue to explore and make meaningful contributions to the Calls to Action that result from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC).

As the business association for Canada’s largest technology park, we embrace the responsibility to help ensure that the next generations of land stewards are respectful and grateful for the bounty of this land on which we all live, work, play, learn, and innovate.

Strategic goals

Based on our strategic planning process, our environmental scan and economic review, our Business Association will focus on three key pillars that will reinforce our strategic vision; Talent, Technology, Community.


Engage, attract and retain the best technical and business talent to support business success in Kanata North.


To grow our reputation as a world-class destination for innovation and technology business building, research and collaboration, a connected community with strong partnerships to support long term success.


To become a vibrant community where the talent of today and tomorrow live, work, play, learn and innovation.

Strategic priorities

By 2030, Kanata North will be recognized as a top technology economic powerhouse, a destination of choice for innovation and business success, where world-class talent seeks to live, work, play, learn and innovate with world-class companies.

Identify shared local concerns and work with members, the City and partners to make immediate improvements and develop longer-term solutions.

Facilitate community collaboration projects to increase Kanata North’s ability to attract new businesses and new talent.

Promote Kanata North as an attractive and exciting business environment in order to attract new businesses and top talent.

Create an eco-system of all local businesses to support business needs and objectives by making it easier for people to connect to each other and to the community.

Provide strong representation as part of the City of Ottawa’s Council of BIA’s through a more productive and informed relationship with City of Ottawa politicians and development officials.

Kanata North
Business Association

The Kanata North Business Association marked its 10th anniversary in 2023. There is lots to celebrate as Canada’s largest technology park continues to grow its relevance in Kanata North and across the globe.

With member companies from emerging sectors including Clean Tech, AI, Fintech and healthcare, our association is fast-growing.

“The Kanata North Business Association represents and advocates for the best interests of the 540+ member companies.”

The Kanata North region’s existence today owes much to the presence of member companies and the talent in Canada’s largest technology park, a defined community which continues to achieve economic, societal and
environmental impact.

It has greatly benefitted from the growth of a diverse partner network including leading-edge academic, corporate, and government partners which cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators, all coming to the table with a renewed determination to fuel an innovation economy and economic growth to advance this region as a global tech leader.


We believe Kanata North is the best place in Canada for technology companies and talent to grow, prosper and thrive.


To advocate for and create an environment for business success by facilitating connections, awareness and community pride to be a place where people want to live, work, play, learn and innovate.


Member-focused, collaboration, community-building, innovation, impact, growth, effectiveness, sustainability.


Companies in the tech park


Employees in the tech park


Contribution to Canada’s GDP Annually

Park Expansion and Development

What can be clearly seen on the horizon is a modernization and development of our technology park.

“Looking towards the future, I am most excited to be a part of the modernization of the park to a complete and connected Living Lab Community with mixed uses, next generation technology solutions and a vibrant culture of collaboration. Nokia’s recent announcement to build a world-leading, sustainable cyber security R&D campus with residential units and state-of-the-art labs and offices right here in the tech park is a perfect example of what is to come!”

— Guy Levesque, KNBA Board Chair

Learn more about upcoming developments in Canada's largest technology park

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has approved Kanata North as a special economic district.


Nokia has committed to the Canadian market with over $1.5B in investment in the past five years.


Ericsson has further committed to major investments in its R&D campus in Kanata North.

Main + Main

Developer main+main has received approval for a 13.6-acre development in Kanata North.

Wind River

Wind River has confirmed a significant expansion of space being leased in Kanata North.


Dell recently committed to Kanata North as the region for their expansion.

Building together:
a strategic roadmap to 2030

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