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To help fund the future of connected cars, BlackBerry has launched a program designed to expand and accelerate innovation in the smart vehicles sector. 

The telecommunications firm – which has a significant presence in the Kanata North technology park – is pledging $50 million in funding towards startup companies working in the connected vehicles space. 

In addition to the financial assistance, companies participating in the new IVY Innovation Fund will be able to use BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform – a scalable, cloud-connected software system – to collect and read vehicle sensor data.

With the monetary and technological support from BlackBerry, autotech startups will be able to simplify their research and development process with easier access to vehicle data. They will also be able to  reach markets quicker as well as leverage BlackBerry QNX’s expertise in the space. 

Companies interested in joining the IVY Innovation Fund program can apply through the telecom company’s website here

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