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When we saw TechCrunch’s feature on the startup community in Canada, we beamed with pride. Little did we know that the article would hit even closer to home with the mention of a few Kanata North companies! It seems that the exciting work being done up here in the North is beginning to attract the attention of the worldwide stage.

Conrad Egusa’s article is a nostalgic walk through the history of Canada and high tech. He talks about the early days of tech — all the way back to 1984 — when Research in Motion (RIM), which is now known as Blackberry, was founded. He weaves through the history of tech innovation that Canada has seen across the country before settling in on Ottawa.

Leo Lax, director of L-SPARK, the Kanata North-based SaaS accelerator, chatted with Mr. Egusa in the article about what it means to build and grow a company here. His message rings loud and clear: Ottawa is a city that has an enormous talent pool and has a wealth of experienced C-level executives from the telecommunications industry, which bodes well for the companies who set up shop here.

We are thrilled to see the Kanata North community, and Ottawa as a whole, get the love it so deserves.

Read the full article over on TechCrunch here.

Photo credit: The SAAS North team in Ottawa. Photo by Velour Productions.


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