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Nanometrics Inc., an award-winning seismic monitoring equipment company based in Kanata North, launched its Abalones Ocean Bottom System (OBS), a new turn-key technology to make ocean floor monitoring an easier task.

Watching underwater tectonic activity and changes that could lead to earthquakes or tsunamis is difficult, largely due to the significant amount of power required to operate existing ocean bottom data acquisition systems, making them unreliable. However, Nanometrics’ new turn-key monitoring system — designed, supplied, built and installed fully complete and ready for operation by researchers — aims to address these energy-related concerns head on.

Designed in partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, the Abalones system features a Pegasus OBS data collection system, which boasts an ultra-low power consumption rate meant to streamline workflows — allowing researchers to collect the best possible data in shallow, intermediate, and deep ocean waters down to 6,000 metres.

“We are proud to launch this innovative solution that enables KOPRI to focus on what matters by providing them with reliable, high-quality seismic data,” said Bruce Townsend, general manager seismology and executive vice-president at Nanometrics. 

“The Abalones system represents an ongoing commitment to ensure our clients have access to high-performance OBS instrumentation to support their ocean-based research studies.”

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