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Kanata North is home to some incredible talent. In our People of Kanata North series, we’re chatting with locals to find out more about why they love living and working here.

Today, we’re chatting with Daniel Weiss, Field Engineer at AppZero.

What attracted you to work at AppZero?

AppZero has proprietary software and is in a unique position in the marketplace. With many clients throughout the globe, the chance to expand on my international experience was significant. In addition to colossal learning opportunities working with some of Kanata’s best and brightest, I couldn’t very well pass up this opportunity.

What is your role at AppZero? Can you tell us a bit about what you do on a day-today basis?

I’m a field engineer. Right now I guess I do a combination of support and field work. My two main clients right now are Southern Trust in Northern Ireland (yes I get that that’s weird lol) and Sandvik in Finland. A third is coming down the pipe though. I also do some bug testing, and work on making our product work in some new areas such as with Symantec Endpoint Protection and Sharepoint.

What are some of the ways that you keep your skills sharp in an ever-changing industry?

I spend a lot of time reading tech blogs and subscribing to forums that I think are relevant. There’s a wealth of free knowledge out there you just have to know where to go. Also, hanging out with like minded people and bouncing ideas off each other. Never eat alone!

What advice would you give someone who is trying to gain employment in the high-tech sector?

Find out what job you want to get before going to school. Then go out and get the accreditation and schooling that you need to get that job. Also network like a fiend.

What is your favourite thing about Kanata North and the high-tech sector here?

I feel that much like a city like Montreal spews artistic creativity from every orifice, Ottawa’s silicon valley is an incubator for new and innovative tech. And it gives you the feel of really being part of something bigger.

Just for fun : What’s your one geeky hobby or interest?

Well I guess I have a couple. Muay Thai is a huge hobby / interest of mine. But on the geeky side, definitely saxophone. I’ve been playing for 23 years.


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