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Some familiar faces were spotted at Hub350 this week as the Ottawa Senators announced their new partnership with the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) and Hub350.

“The KNBA is excited to announce our partnership with the Ottawa Senators, who will be joining Hub350 as an Executive Community Partner,” said Julia Frame, director of partnerships at Hub350. “As a leader in our Kanata community, we are looking forward to collaborating with The Sens on events and initiatives to bring together our community here in Canada’s largest tech park.”

This strategic partnership aligns with the Senators drive to be an active community member in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, while helping to drive support to Canada’s largest tech park.

Images courtesy of the Ottawa Senators

For Hub350, the team’s mission is to foster a vibrant culture of collaboration for the talent of today and tomorrow to live, work, play and learn in Kanata North.

The partnership offers the Senators the unique opportunity to operate with all the resources the tech park offers – including access to industry leaders, academia and finance leaders – putting them at the centre of technological innovations for all future endeavours.

“The Senators’ Organization is passionate about augmenting its partnership with Canada’s largest tech hub,” said Martin Ballard, VP of corporate partnerships at the Ottawa Senators. “We’re thrilled to welcome Hub350 as our newest linemate and are excited about our mutual expectation of continued success.”

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