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Five is a lucky number for the winners of the Hub350 x L-Spark Living Lab Accelerator program. 

During a rapid-fire pitch day, these startups had only five minutes to make their pitch to would-be partners on why they should be chosen to be a part of the program, which will allow them to work one-on-one with an experienced L-Spark mentor to develop and grow their business. 

While the company founders came from across the country – from Halifax to British Columbia, they were required to include Kanata North in their business growth plan to secure funding. 

“These companies were seen to be good fits for the Living Lab Accelerator’s focus on 5G and digital transformation solutions,” said Elza Seregelyi, director at L-Spark. 

“Importantly, each of these companies have secured a pilot partner to work with in Kanata North to demonstrate their solution, which was a prerequisite. Unfortunately, we could not accept all the applicants and it was a difficult decision as so many innovative solutions were presented,” she added. 

The five businesses selected are: 

Aurrigo, a maker of self-driving pods provides mobility within urban areas, shopping malls, airports, university campuses, science parks and other areas that are poorly served by traditional transport providers. Integrating seamlessly into the transport mix, Aurrigo’s on demand, autonomous passenger carrying pods work alongside traditional forms of transport such as taxis, buses and light rail and are dendent on 5G to operate.  

B-Line, an innovative smart building platform that uses digital transformation to serve the hospitality industry with digital access, room and desk booking, space optimization, and guest experiences. Their standout features include the provision of seamless, app-less digital key access, enabling guests to secure entry without the need to download an app, simplifying the guest experience and providing a competitive advantage for hospitality providers.  

METI, which uses the 5G network and pioneers cutting-edge autonomous vehicle navigation solutions, revolutionizing transportation with precise and efficient routing algorithms. Micro Engineering Tech Inc.’s innovative technology seamlessly combines AI and sensor fusion to navigate complex environments, ensuring safe, reliable, eco-friendly journeys for the future.  

Soralink, a complete solution for industrial machine condition monitoring, failure prediction, predictive maintenance, as well as productivity tracking. Operating on the 5G network, Soralink’s solution includes a sensor, an LTE gateway, a cloud-based AI prediction engine and a custom-built dashboard.     

Zendelity, which automates the communication of operating procedures, enhances visibility, and offers real-time compliance monitoring. This system of record is a digital transformation which helps identify areas for improvement and facilitates data-driven discussions with insurance providers, regulators, and brand standard setters.   

Yun Yao, founder of Quebec-based Soralink, said she is excited to work in the Ottawa region because of its in-depth telecommunication expertise and network. The L-Spark partnership and mentorship will lead to the company’s expansion, she explained. 

“With the help of the accelerator’s resources, our solutions pitch, business strategy, digital assets, and communication plan can be adapted to this new market and will be more suitable to enter the larger Canadian market through Toronto and other western Canadian cities,” Yao said. 

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