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On April 5th, Syntronic announced that they hired their 100th employee. Considering they opened this location, their first R&D centre in North America, just over two years ago, this is incredible news for the fast-growing company!

This sort of growth is what makes seeking employment in Kanata North so exciting.

Syntronic recently held a career fair to help round out the talent of their ever-growing team — although that career fair is over, the team is still looking to add 30% more talent over the next few months and many of those openings are engineering positions.

Syntronic Research and Development provides R&D services, Software Innovations, Test Systems, Production Services and Aftermarket services. With seventeen offices globally with a workforce of over 650 people, they have proven to be a company that will see continued growth.

If you’d like more information on the current openings at Syntronic, click through to their careers page here.

Working in Kanata North is exciting – from the workplace culture to the rapid company growth to everything the local area offers – and we’d love for you to be a part of that.

You can see job opportunities across all companies over on our Kanata North Business Association website here.


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