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Wellness Wednesday yoga classes are more than just an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body.

For Kanata North Business Association members, they represent a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional health practices such as mindset cultivation, meditation, breathwork, and more.

“It’s a chance for like-minded individuals to step away from their desks, if only for an hour, and engage in a meaningful, health-promoting activity together,” says Kim Perry, who organizes the classes.

The classes have seen a range of participants, with as many as 35 participants per session, welcoming all genders, ages, and experience levels from various Kanata North companies.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors like Renee Groulx, each session offers something different, from meditative flows to more dynamic yoga practices. This ensures that every week, participants can look forward to a new experience that caters to different aspects of wellness, keeping the program fresh and engaging.

Feedback from participants highlights the strong sense of community in Kanata North and the convenience of having such sessions within close proximity to workspaces. Once it warms up, classes may move from indoor spaces to outdoors, depending on what attendees prefer.

“We have heard that people can easily fit this into their schedules, being down the road or within the same building, which is a great perk of working in the KNBA area,” Perry says.

A focus on health & wellness

Wellness Wednesday yoga classes serve as a perfect opportunity to take breaks from the workday, Perry says. She adds that beyond the immediate benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility and stress reduction, these sessions contribute to cultivating better mental health practices.

Wellness Wednesday yoga classes are slated to continue at Hub350, offering a serene escape for Kanata North employees during the winter and spring months. Sessions run from noon to 12:50 pm and are a minimal fee of $10 to cover the instructor’s time. No registration is required, so feel free to arrive 10 minutes before class, bring your yoga mat and join this vibrant community in their journey towards holistic wellness.

The next class dates are:

  • March 13
  • March 27
  • April 10
  • April 24
  • May 8

Location: Hub350, RBCx Finance Quarter, (350 Legget Dr, Ottawa)

There is a fee of $10 cash per class to cover the instructor’s time.

Bring your own yoga mat and join us! No registration is required, please feel free to arrive at 11:50 to get settled.

Written by Melanie Coulson

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