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Featured in photo above: Executive Managing Director Leo Lax & Wesley Clover Chairman, Sir Terry Matthews [Photo credit: L-SPARK]

As Canada’s largest technology park, Kanata North is home to some of the most impressive names in tech. Dotted around the tech park, you’ll find the offices of Amazon, Apple, QNX/Blackberry, Nokia, Mitel, Ericsson and Cisco, to name a few.

While Kanata North is known for the well-established companies who set up shop here, there’s also a growing startup movement happening.


Accelerating Startup Growth

One of the companies that helps to accelerate startup growth here in Kanata North is L-SPARK, which is located on Legget Drive — surrounded by tech giants.

The L-SPARK Accelerator is the destination for enterprise SaaS and cloud startups to connect with experts and propel their revenues to $100K MRR or 10X revenue growth. They are effectively providing a platform to early stage Canadian SaaS companies to help them boost their efforts to scale globally and become competitive.

L-SPARK has quickly become the go-to accelerator in this space and the work they do for startups is impressive. From events, like the one being held at Invest Ottawa on May 4th called “Support for Your Startup“, to conferences, such as SaaS North, to their one-on-one work with clients, they have cornered the market on providing valuable support to SaaS startups.


Successful Startups Happen Here

For companies like Fusebill — a SaaS billing automation platform that has secured over 100+ customers worldwide — Kanata North is a prime location for the company to grow their business.

“There are so many little things about working out of Kanata North that fit with the culture we want to create at Fusebill, and grow into a large company,” said CEO Tyler Eyamie.

Fusebill was ranked by Canadian Business and PROFIT as No. 39 on the Startup 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. They made the list with five-year revenue growth of 169%.

Martello, another Kanata North company, recently participated in Startup Open House and had this to say about the location of their offices, “We love Kanata North. Our location plays a big part in our success and we’re happy to be nestled in the heart of Kanata North. There is really no other spot in Ottawa where we would want to be growing our SaaS company.”

Martello was recognized by PROFIT magazine in the Startup 50 Top New Growth Canadian Companies list. They ranked No. 31 with an average growth increase of 298%.


A Supportive Community

Even though Kanata North holds the title of Canada’s largest technology park, the community comes together often and creates opportunities for information sharing, culture-building and collaboration. This, among many other factors, is what makes this a prime location for startups looking to connect, network and grow.

Learn more about local events and network opportunities for your startup by visiting the Kanata North Business Association website.


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