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A team from a Kanata North security software company launched an innovative new side project designed to help residents understand COVID-19 infection rates and properly prepare for future spikes in cases. 

Designers and developers from Micro Focus/Interset worked together in their spare time to create COVID-19 Forecast, a free online tracking tool that not only charts global COVID-19 cases and government policies, but can predict infection trends and deaths up to two weeks in advance. 

The tool draws on data from various health organizations and verified institutions that is then plugged into a machine learning process to predict future case numbers and trends. By looking at past data figures as well as projecting what’s to come, the tool allows users to understand the effectiveness of certain government lockdown measures and how their actions can affect the COVID-19 rates.

The team is continuing to work on the project in hopes of including a recovery rate tracker as well as more precise data on infection rates for counties and cities as opposed to just countries and provinces. 

To access the COVID-19 Forecast tool visit

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