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Ottawa teenagers did what!?

Consulting for IKEA, Walmart, and the United Nations. Building on the blockchain, creating with CRISPR, innovating with AI, and so much more. What sounds like a bucket list to most, was a happy reality for this year’s class of The Knowledge Society (TKS) Ottawa students. 

And it can be for the teenager in your life too, starting this September at Hub350

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a global 10-month innovation program for students ages 13-17 to explore how they can use emerging technology, foundational mindsets, and 21st century skills to tackle some of our world’s biggest problems, while being part of a global community of like-minded people.

The program is modeled after curricula from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, and designed to replicate the learning environments of forward thinking organizations like Google and Facebook. 

Simply put, TKS is a training ground for the real world. Which is why TKS is SO excited to be joining Hub350 this fall. 

It’s important for our students to not only learn about what it’s like to work within the real world, but to actually build and work alongside them. At TKS, students learn how to make it real.

Hub350 provides that opportunity for our students in Ottawa, to learn from the local tech community, and also to give back and contribute to the local ecosystem. 

It benefits Hub350s partner companies too.

Students not only collaborate by sharing their Gen Z perspective on what these companies could be doing to tackle real challenges they face today, but they help to solve them as well.

At TKS, students learn to develop a bias towards action. A bias towards building.  

Students participate in weekly interactive sessions (run out of Hub350), participate in group projects in tandem with industry, and build a portfolio of projects they have built with emerging technology, designed to solve real problems.

TKS still has limited spots remaining for the 2022-23 program year. 

No previous knowledge or experience required. And we don’t care about your grades. 

As an exclusive partner, readers of this article will receive $500 to their tuition with this code if they are accepted: KANATA350.

Visit to apply or email with any questions. 

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