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If it’s true that two heads are better than one, the happenings at Hub350 may have blown more than a few minds during its first quarter.

Hub350 is where Ottawa’s innovation and tech community go to collaborate, create and build the latest cutting-edge tech. Launched just over a year ago, Hub350 supports the Kanata North Technology Park by providing spaces equipped for government, academia and the tech industry drivers to share ideas with each other and the world. 

Since its launch, Hub350 has proven that another old adage (uttered by that great philosopher, Kevin Costner) is true. If you build it, they will come. Hub350 has been abuzz with events putting great Canadian innovative minds and new talent in the same room. 

Who’s heeded the call so far?

  • The Knowledge Society, an organization that trains Ottawa highschool students in a 10-month innovation skill-building program, held their first in-person event at Hub350.
  • Carlton University’s School of Journalism, Innovation Hub and CU@Kanata delivered a joint presentation on several topics, like how to leverage the media to gain exposure and how to get VC funding.
  • An Algonquin College Corporate Learning Centre Training Session helped 50 attendees learn about mental health and employee wellness initiatives.
  • Carlton University’s Faculty of Engineering and Design: Women in Engineering & IT Program was a two-day event backed by 16 industry and government partners to help close the gender gap in STEM.

In addition to one-time events, ongoing Leadership Councils are underway. 

  • Kanata North Human Resources professionals are coming together from different companies to share knowledge and best practices for attracting and retaining tech talent.
  • The CIO Leadership Council also brings Chief Information Officers (CIOs) together to exchange ideas and share advice. 

In spite of a two-year pandemic that kept us apart, Hub350 is now bringing people together and laying the foundation to make Ottawa become the next innovation story. With several other events in the pipeline – including an AI conference and student showcases – and new industry partnerships, there is much to be excited about at Hub350. 

To find out more, check out Hub350’s quarterly report here.

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