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Ottawa-based technology developer Cyphercor Inc. released its new on-premise two-factor authentication product last month.

Dubbed “LoginTC Managed,” the software operates entirely ‘on the premises’ of a workplace — meaning it can only be installed and run on computers at the location of the person or organization using the software — and is meant for organizations with high security needs looking for an authentication system that isn’t cloud or web-based, which can put businesses at greater risk of cyber threats or hackers. 

“LoginTC Managed represents our commitment to adding simple and secure multi-factor authentication everywhere there is a username and password,” said Cyphercor CEO and founder, Diego Matute, who was recognized as one of Ottawa’s Top 40 under Forty business leaders in 2021. 

“With this addition, we allow increased flexibility in deployment options for organizations that do not want yet another cloud dependency for their core operations.”

The software may be especially useful for businesses that cannot acquire a cloud-based two-factor authentication system due to government regulations or insurance requirements, and features a range of authentication options designed with local and private servers in mind, including hardware tokens, a software based one-time passcode, or an emergency bypass code.

“The need for a fully on premise two-factor authentication solution is something we’ve been hearing from professionals in high security environments for a while now,” said Victoria Savage, director of operations at Cyphercor.

 “We’re excited to be filling that need with LoginTC Managed.”

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