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A single platform solution will soon connect building partners and their tenants in Canada’s largest technology park thanks to a recent collaboration between HILO, the Kanata North Business Association and Hub350.  

HILO is a single-source technology solution that allows building owners to connect with their tenants and facilitate direct, real-time communication. The program provides exclusive curated offers and experiences from the building and nearby businesses, and gives tenants access to all the services and amenities their building has to offer.  

Using the HILO Starter program, more than 10-million square feet of office space – and educational institutions – in Kanata North’s tech park will be a part of the program, connecting the nearly 30,000 people that work in the park. 

The workplace engagement platform empowers building operators to retain current tenants, attract new ones and streamline operations. Users can get direct, real-time communications from tenants and building owners, creating a community of users who are informed, engaged and supported – whether onsite or remote. 

“HILO is just one of the great examples of the diverse and innovative technologies being developed and implemented in Kanata North. Working together with our partners and stakeholders, the team at HILO is contributing to the vibrant culture of collaboration across Canada’s largest tech hub,” said Jamie Petten, executive director of the Kanata North Business Association.  

“We are looking forward to seeing HILO’s continued deployment and expansion as we build towards our shared vision of a complete and connected innovation community here in the Nation’s capital.” 

With more than 540 companies in the tech park representing multiple sectors, HILO promises to promote a culture of collaboration, a vibrant aspect of the community that was sorely missed during the peak of the pandemic. With the ability to connect with both on-site and remote employees, it’s another step forward for the park and its businesses.  

“Through a single platform solution, we have already been able to launch across 75 buildings, ensuring that price is not a barrier to helping building partners support their tenants and provide access to all they need to make where they work easier and better,” said David Abrams, co-founder and CEO of HILO. 

“This is just the beginning and a major step towards realizing our vision to become the largest platform of connected people in buildings in the world.” 

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