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As we emerge from the global pandemic, one thing is clear: The future of office work is hybrid.

It’s no secret that the recent global pandemic changed the way many businesses think about the workplace. Even before COVID, entrepreneurs and large corporations alike were discovering the undeniable benefits of coworking spaces and shifting their businesses to this type of environment.

In keeping with our philosophy of forming lasting relationships, and growing with our tenants, Merkburn Holdings opened the Catalyst Kanata Business Centre in April 2021. With a wide variety of coworking options available, businesses can customize to achieve their financial and workplace goals.

Looking at our current mix of tenants at Catalyst Kanata it’s clear that business centres and coworking spaces will be a key component of a successful hybrid model for many companies in the years ahead. 

The right balance will differ for each company, depending on the nature of the business, the needs of your customers, and the expectations of your staff.

High quality coworking centres are expected to continue to crop up in suburban areas, in response to workers desire to stay close to home.

The benefits of a hybrid model with a coworking component are numerous:

  • Plug & Play environment = no upfront furniture or IT costs
  • Short term commitment = ability to take more or less space from one month to the next
  • Professional, quiet space = boosts productivity
  • Amenities = access to kitchen, lounge, meeting room, on as needed basis
  • Close to home = greener, more sustainable
  • Gets you out of the home = combats loneliness, boosts mental health
  • Like-minded professionals = opportunity to build connections and friendships
  • Collaborate in-person = build culture and rapport (no, you can’t do this on Teams)

Many people still think of co-working centres as noisy, crowded places with foosball tables, and beer taps in the lounge, but not all coworking centres are the same.

Catalyst Kanata offers a professional and peaceful environment, more in keeping with a traditional business centre, where members can work and collaborate privately with their own teams.   

Feedback from companies using coworking spaces agree the model is better in three key criteria:

  • Better for staff
  • Better for the planet
  • Better for profits

Consider the following research when formulating your workplace strategy:

Book your tour of Catalyst Kanata today or visit our website Coworking Space Kanata | Catalyst Business Center to discover the many benefits of coworking, and to learn how your organization can adopt this environment as part of your overall workplace strategy.

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