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A well-known security software company with a large presence in the Kanata North tech park is growing its headcount through the acquisition of an Ottawa-based software company. 

Entrust announced it purchased WorldReach Software, a local firm specializing in ID verification software used to clear travellers at airports and border crossings.

The acquisition will bolster Entrust’s presence in the travel sector by providing digital citizen credential solutions and touchless ID verification.  

“The ability to verify identity and manage trusted access digitally is the key to transforming travel and citizen services around the world,” says Entrust CEO Todd Wilkinson. “WorldReach is a great fit for Entrust, with deep experience in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions implemented at scale for governments and global travel providers.”

All 33 of WorldReach’s employees will join the Entrust team, which operates most of its R&D from its Kanata office. 

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