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Face-to-face networking, coffee chats and other traditional methods for employers and job candidates to connect are off-limits as the global pandemic continues.

To meet this challenge, the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) is launching Discover Technata 2.0 – a new digital platform that includes career fairs and a job board that features thousands of job openings in sectors such as telecommunications, software as a service, autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity. 

With work-from-anywhere policies becoming the norm, the landscape of talent attraction and retention is changing. Now more than ever, companies in Kanata North have a unique opportunity to access talent recruitment pools across the country and the globe. 

In order to serve the growth of KNBA’s member companies and support them to remain resilient through recovery, the Association has embarked on their own “digital transformation” of the Discover Technata brand and product offering.

Discover Technata 2.0 offers a full suite of virtual talent attraction programs in order to support Kanata North, while accelerating the growth of the more than 500 participating businesses – both emerging and established firms – in Canada’s largest technology park, says KNBA president Jamie Petten. 

We are really focused on connecting a community of those who are unemployed or seeking new opportunities with a community of employers that needs talent,” she says. “For those who are interested in impactful innovation and are looking to make a statement in their career, this job board should be the first place you look.”

A new way to attract and recruit talent

The launch of the new recruitment platform comes at a critical time for employers and job-seekers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has displaced more than a million Canadians from their jobs. At the same time, the public health crisis has created demand for workers at companies that are part of the collective effort to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Discover Technata’s focus on opportunities for candidates looking to begin or continue their career in tech means it cuts out the noise often experienced on some larger job boards, says Victoria McGlone, chief operating officer at KNBA.

“The Discover Technata job board will streamline the recruitment process, provide real-time opportunities for job seekers and provide our member companies with access to the best talent in the world,” she says. “The tech park already has 24,000 skilled workers and we are looking to increase this number exponentially within the next five years.”

With Kanata North already home to emerging startups and multinational companies including Nokia, BlackBerry QNX and Ericsson, job-seekers from around the world can find opportunities to work in cutting-edge disruptive industries, pioneering projects such as connected autonomous vehicles, 5G and clean tech.

McGlone says she hopes the global exposure will continue to elevate Kanata North’s profile as an innovation hub.

“The job board will provide a platform for our member companies to attract, retain and grow world-class talent right here in Kanata North,” adds McGlone. “Nothing like this has been done before, so it’s exciting to make a difference in the lives of job seekers.”

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