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California automaker Aptera Motors has partnered up with a Kanata North tech firm to create the world’s first solar electric vehicle – a car designed to run without the need for daily charging. 

User interface designer, and Kanata North’s 2019 team of the year Crank Software was chosen to create the vehicle’s infotainment display, housing critical information systems about the vehicle including the speedometer and navigation.

The Crank team used its Storyboard software to create a design that was intuitive and efficient to allow drivers to focus on the road, while still keeping an eye on the screen. 

“We are aligned in our efforts to transform industries by bringing together experts from design, UX, and development to work better together to accelerate exceptional embedded GUI experiences,” said Brian Edmond, president and co-founder of Crank Software.

The three-wheeled solar powered vehicle became available for pre-order on Dec. 4, with production expected to begin in 2021.

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