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A nanotechnology company with a presence in the Kanata North technology park – is looking back on its last 25 years business as well as its significant impact on Canada’s startup tech sector.

CMC Microsystems – which opened its first local office in Kanata North in early 2020 – unveiled a recent report which highlights the company’s success in providing the tools and technology entrepreneurs need to get their hardware projects off the ground. 

To date, the company has supported the creation of 250 tech startups in Canada – 74 within the last five years alone.  

The organization works closely with universities, colleges and researchers from across Canada, assisting them in gaining access to the software tools they need to design, develop and manufacture innovations in microelectronics and nanotechnology. 

“Our focus is providing individuals and teams with the infrastructure and the tools to design, fabricate, and test their hardware products,” says Gordon Harling, president and CEO of CMC. “Proving the validity of the hardware product is the cornerstone of start-up success and has tremendous impact on business viability.”

Building off this momentum, CMC recently unveiled its VIE Program – the Virtual Incubator Environment, a program that gives entrepreneurs and startups access to state-of-the-art tools for design and simulation at extremely competitive rates.

By lowering the barriers around entrepreneurship, CMC hopes to continue to foster innovation in Canada and support the economic strength of the region’s technology sector. 

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