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A coalition of the country’s leading space innovators announced the creation of Space Canada, a national industry association aimed at offering a united voice for Canada’s space sector.

The formation of Space Canada — to be headed by former New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant — was driven by the global space economy’s recent rapid growth, as well as the increasing potential for space technologies to solve economic, societal and planetary issues through job creation and innovation.

“Space technology monitors our land ecosystems and coastlines, supports disaster relief and protects our oceans and forests,” said Gallant. “Moreover, space can close the digital divide, particularly in our Northern, remote and rural communities, and enhance our national security.”

Given the growing potential for even more expansion within the sector, Space Canada is also looking to convince the Canadian government to create a National Space Council to guide the country’s space policies and investments amid the global space race, which has gained significant momentum in the past decade.

“From small to large, Canada’s space companies are looking to position the sector as a driver of growth, jobs, innovation, intellectual property and exports that will contribute to a future for our country that knows no bounds,” said Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA Ltd. and vice-chair of Space Canada.

“It is time to re-establish Canada’s leadership in space on the world stage in collaboration with government, which plays a key role in space as a developer, owner, operator and regulator of space systems, as a funding partner, investor and anchor customer to innovative Canadian space companies.”

Space Canada currently consists of nine founding members: Calian, GHGSat, Magellan Aerospace, Maritime Launch Services, MDA, Mission Control, NorthStar Earth & Space, SpaceBridge, and Telesat, though is looking to expand its membership as it gains traction within the industry — something Dan Goldberg, CEO of Telesat and chair of Space Canada, said is essential to make a substantial economic impact.

“Canada has long been a leader in the space sector and is well positioned to capture the explosive growth in the industry to grow our economy and create high quality jobs,” he said. 

“Now is the time to be ambitious, work together and position Canada at the forefront of the New Space Economy.”

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