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With the race to get autonomous vehicles to market accelerating, AV technology leader Blackberry QNX continues to expand its global reach. 

The company, which has a significant presence in Kanata North, recently announced that it will license its QNX technology to South Korea’s StradVision to help develop an AI-based camera perception software tool that will be embedded into various types of automotive equipment. 

That announcement comes on the heels of another deal the company brokered with Los Angeles startup Canoo. 

The California company said it would use Blackberry QNX’s operating system to power its semi-autonomous electric vehicle. The technology will power the vehicle’s radar sensors, parking sensors and cameras. The company is aiming for a 2021 market release date.

Since Blackberry bought Ottawa-based QNX in 2010, the combined company has shifted from phones, tablets and connected cars to developing software and autonomous vehicle technology. 

The company has been a leader in helping to position Kanata North as Canada’s AV capital. In 2017 it conducted the country’s first on-road AV test, where a vehicle powered by QNX technology drove down Legget Drive unassisted. BlackBerry QNX is also a major partner in the city’s 16-kilometre autonomous vehicle test track near Woodroffe Drive, where other industry leaders can test and develop their own AV technologies.

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