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We’re lifting the red velvet curtain and giving you a sneak peek into what it means to work for companies in Kanata North. Kanata North isn’t just a fantastic location with plenty of successful companies, outdoor activities and great food, the culture that exists inside the walls of the businesses here is first-class.

Up first? You.i TV

About You.i TV

You.i TV builds products that help media and entertainment companies deliver the best experiences for their customers on every screen. The TV industry is changing at a rapid pace and that’s why companies like Comcast, Turner, Crackle and Corus Entertainment are turning to You.i TV to get the velocity, flexibility and reach they need in today’s market.

When we decided to do a behind-the-scenes look at You.i TV, we realized how easy it would be as they had already done the heavy-lifting for us by running a series on Instagram called, “30 Reasons Why You.i TV is a Great Place to Work.” So, we’ve gathered up some of our favourites from that series to illustrate why working at You.i TV is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.

They Have a Snack Wall

We almost didn’t need to provide any other reason as to why working at You.i TV was fantastic – this photo says it all!

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And, if snacks aren’t your thing, they also have Fresh Fruit Wednesdays. Something for everyone!

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A Focus on Wellness

All great employers know that happy employees is good for business. You.i TV embodies this by offering their team perks that don’t traditionally show up in the workplace. For example, two of their staff members are yoga instructors so they do in-house yoga!

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Not a yogi? Don’t worry, you can join them for one of their pizza and game nights instead!

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A Fun Environment to Work In

The team at You.i TV has created a space that feels like a cozy living room while also being set up for maximum productivity, team-building and collaboration. Mostly though, it looks like a lot of fun to work in a place where Yoda is 100% accepted.

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Thank you so much to You.i TV for letting us show off what it means to work (and play!) at a company that clearly has their priorities straight – snack walls for all!

Follow along with the rest of the series on Instagram here:


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