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We’re lifting the red velvet curtain and giving you a sneak peek into what it means to work for companies in Kanata North. Kanata North isn’t just a fantastic location with plenty of successful companies, outdoor activities and great food, the culture that exists inside the walls of the businesses here is first-class.

Up next? Teldio.

Teldio is a group of energetic, fun-loving solutioneers (LOVE THIS!) who collaborate to make old technology new again. Their mission is to leverage and enhance the value of two-way radio networks by providing innovative software solutions and superior customer support.

At Teldio, the team values hard work, having fun, integrity and honesty, passion and creativity, progressive thinking, and a sense of family / community. They drive to be a relevant player in an industry undergoing dynamic change. Their corporate mantra is encapsulated by the following: Enhance the Power of Two-Way Radios.

Let’s see what Teldio has been up to in this behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

They Care About their Customers (and Send Them Sweet Treats, Too!)

When we saw this Tweet from the Teldio team, we HAD to share it in this feature. Here’s the team putting together application server and install instructions with yummy fruit snacks stapled to each! Their caption? “Who doesn’t love a sweet treat along with their install instructions? #candyislife”

We can get behind that 100%, too!

They Share Delicious Food Moments

The team at Teldio recently polished off some local shawarma during one of their team lunches. We love that this has become a tradition for them as it both promotes community within their team and supports local eateries like we featured in this article on the site.

They also celebrate with the most delicious desserts we’ve ever seen. When it was Mark Dabrowski’s birthday not too long ago, the team was treated with these delicious and HOMEMADE cupcakes (left). The cupcakes on the right were for Chris Sisto and Teldio’s shared birthday. We’d like to know who on the team has such mad baking skills!

But in all seriousness, the Teldio’s Twitter feed is about 46% food related Tweets and we are very much on board with this (and also very, very hungry!)

They Know How to Have Fun

During a recent conference, one of the Teldio team members pulled out these lime green pants, which according to the staff on social, had come “out of retirement.”

We found another photo of the green pants!

And here, the men in the office used their trust Teldio beer mugs for their Valentine’s Day flowers. That’s definitely one way to keep those flowers fresh for the afternoon! We approve!

They Do Great Work Locally

The team at Teldio also supports many local causes and we’re very touched that they raised money for the Kanata Food Cupboard this past Christmas. This is what working in a community like Kanata North is all about – supporting local.

Thank You Teldio!

We love seeing what our Kanata North companies are up to behind-the-scenes so we want to extend a huge thank you to the team for opening themselves up and telling their story online.


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