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We’re lifting the red velvet curtain and giving you a sneak peek into what it means to work for companies in Kanata North. Kanata North isn’t just a fantastic location with plenty of successful companies, outdoor activities and great food, the culture that exists inside the walls of the businesses here is first-class.

Up next? CENGN.


CENGN works with small and medium-sized businesses, multinationals, the government and academia to strengthen Canada’s leadership in Next Generation Networking (NGN). The Centre of Excellence strives to create an ecosystem that accelerates the growth of the Canadian Information and Communications Technology sector.

It doesn’t take long though to see that this company cares immensely for their talented team who contribute their expertise to lower the barrier to entry for Canadian SMEs. They put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that their workplace fosters team growth and provides a light-hearted atmosphere to break up the serious work that they do.

Fostering Education

CENGN provides ample education opportunities to its team to help them keep their skills sharp and their knowledge up-to-date. For example, the company organizes Lunch and Learn events, like the one pictured below. At this particular lunch, the team was learning about layer 7 security.

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Here, one of CENGN’s students, Marwan, provided a Lunch and Learn on Smart City.

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CENGN models that investing in your team’s growth is a sure-fire way to ensure that they stay energized and motivated with new knowledge to bring back to their work.

Celebrating Together

Celebrating company wins as a team is important but so is celebrating for the sake of celebrating. At CENGN, no holiday gets left behind. From St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day, CENGN turns it up to ensure that their team always has something fun to look forward to!

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It’s not just the whimsical holidays that are celebrated, either! The team ensures that their staff’s personal milestones are celebrated (like weddings) and they pay close attention to important dates such as International Women’s Day.

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Strong Family Values

Finally, working at CENGN means that your family values will be appreciated. CENGN hosted a “take your kid to work day” where staff could bring their children in to show them what they do on a day-to-day basis. This is important for children as it lets them see what their parents spend their workday doing and allows them to open a dialogue around it at home.

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And, their family values extend out to furry friends, too! Like Ray here, pictured with his service dog in training, Andre.

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We want to say thank you to CENGN for the behind-the-scenes look at what it means to work at CENGN!

For more, follow them on Instagram and be sure to check out their website at


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