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AusculSciences is gearing up for a busy year ahead after receiving word its remote-operated stethoscope will be hitting the medical market in Canada.

The company – which entered into a partnership with Innovative Solutions Canada in 2020 to test its sensor-based technology – received its medical device license from Health Canada, giving the company the go-ahead to sell the Auscul-X system to hospitals across the country. 

The Auscul-X system connects acoustic sensors on a patient’s body to a monitoring device through a wireless network, allowing a doctor or nurse to monitor a patient’s lungs or heart from outside the room. 

With COVID-19 cases on the rise throughout the country, remote care technologies are expected to be in increasing demand as hospitals look for ways to further protect their staff. 

“The approval of Auscul-X in Canada represents an important milestone for AusculSciences, and a critical enhancement to the protection of healthcare professionals,” said Michael Lahr, president of AusculSciences.  “We are thrilled to be able to offer this innovative solution to the market”.

The Kanata North company expects Auscul-X to become more widely available throughout 2021.

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