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With more than 12,000 sites across its network in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Circle K / Alimentation Couche-Tard is continuously investing in digitizing their customers’ experiences, and now have a designated team right here in Ottawa.

WannLynx Technologies’ Inc., was acquired by Circle K / Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2021 and became Circle K Tech.

Circle K Tech is now the North American Innovation Centre for this Canadian industry leader. The team strives to improve customer experience by utilizing the latest technologies in embedded design, networking, and cloud services.

The Ottawa-based team is a motivated and highly skilled team of 10 with over 140 years of collective industry experience, designing innovative technology for the convenience market. They specialize in fuel pump screen management, alert services, data collection and presentation, and technical support.

Their mission is simple: we make journeys easier and more enjoyable for customers. We care about our people and our communities, and we look for ways to uplift people first.

“Our solution enables engagement and interaction with our customers at the pump by offering promotions and loyalty rewards, which makes their lives easier every day,” said Deepak Wanner, director of Circle K Tech.

In the past year, the Circle K Tech team developed solutions for fuel pumps and payments designed to enhance the customer experience on the forecourt. The solutions include alerts for pump and printer health to notify operators of any inactive equipment, application to monitor back store’s CPU health, pump screen management, engaging directed messaging/campaigns, and more.

Moreover, Circle K Tech focuses on understanding the customer base and business trends. Data collected from sites is added to the database, creating reports for business analysts and marketing teams. This data provides Circle K with better insights on implementing marketing campaigns at certain locations across North America allowing them to target a more specific customer base.

In addition to a more seamless experience for Circle K customers, the Ottawa-based team is working on automating update processes for sites to make it more time efficient and unified.

Ottawa’s Circle K Tech team endeavors to produce intricate embedded systems and applications to support both Circle K customers and operators. With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry,

Deepak Wanner leads the Ottawa innovation team. He encourages his team to explore, ask questions, and look for patterns as he believes a mindset of curiosity is the key to innovation.

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