What’s all the buzz about in Kanata North?


Canada’s Largest Tech Park

New this year, and available to our members, this beautifully illustrated 2017 calendar that contains a 3D illustrated map of our technology park here in Kanata North. Who would have thought a map of our tech park would become so popular! The image was shared on LinkedIn and quickly gained over 70,000 views in just a few short weeks! The majority of these views are from Ottawa, which is no surprise, followed by Toronto and Silicon Valley.

Why are people loving this image?

Because cool stuff is happening. The Kanata North Technology Park has a long history of innovation but this latest wave is like no other. Currently over 21,000 people make their way here to work every day at over 500 companies. Within the last year technology giants Apple AND Amazon set up shop. Something is definitely in the air.

So what’s happening?

  1. Autonomous Cars. Anyone following Blackberry knows their hopes are in their QNX division. All good news here: Switching gears, Canada’s Blackberry opens Autonomous Vehicle Hub
  2. Telecom is still hot. 5G development is even hotter and there is A LOT of it happening here. Think Ericsson, Nokia, Mitel and Dragonwave. Add in the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) = Super Connectivity
  3. Software sector is growing like bananas – and specifically Software as a Service (SaaS) expertise is a plenty. Think Halogen, Fusebill, Member365 and Solink. Add in the amazing work happening at L-Spark = Ecosystem Growth
  4. We’ve got cool collaborative work spaces like TCC and CollabSpace were hot desking and business services make life easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Not to mention our own golf course, The Brookstreet Hotel and our own brewery Big Rig.
  5. And well, we are a community. We help each other. We support each other. We celebrate each others successes.


If you would like a calendar for your office, please get in touch with us or drop by our office at 555 Legget Drive, Tower B on the 5th floor Suite 534.