The Marshes Endorsement

When first approached by the BIA steering committee, the Marshes Golf Corporation had concerns about the establishment of a BIA for Kanata North, especially when considering, “What will this cost, and what can a BIA do for business?” 

Upon reviewing the BIA concept and considering the merits of what a BIA could do for The Marshes and the surrounding business area, it became clear to us, that as a medium size, privately owned business, we needed a BIA for this area. A letter of support from Mayor Jim Watson further reassured us that a BIA with a strong voice at the City of Ottawa would benefit all of us by advancing business opportunities for this area and more importantly, given the growing diverse nature of local businesses within the proposed area, help focus efforts on economic sustainability for Kanata North.  The ‘By Business for Business’ BIA model provides us strength in numbers and as such we are supportive of this important BIA initiative!