The Kanata Networker Summer Edition

In our summer edition of The Kanata Networker we highlight What’s New and What’s Next in Kanata North, with an introduction to our new President & Executive Director Jamie Petten. See the article on page 17, “Jamie Petten scales up” and how our new Executive Director aims to be a ‘champion for talent’ in Canada’s largest technology park! “I started to really see the full picture of Canada’s technology community,” Petten says. “The creation of the Kanata North BA has enabled the community and the technology companies within it.”

On the cover of this issue we feature Magnet Forensics Engineering Manager, Thusha Agampodiis, she is an excellent role model for Women in Tech and working hard to bring more diversity to the sector, whether it’s in age, gender, ethnicity or otherwise. Agampodi says they hire people who are the right fit.

Read how “Magnet Forensics’ growing Kanata team helps law enforcement fight crime in the cloud” on page 10. Their Kanata team is working to advance software used to investigate child exploitation, terrorism and other cases around the world. They offer a unique family centric culture and Magnet Forensics founder Jad Saliba said, “What we do is impacting people’s lives in a positive way around the world. We really want people who are passionate about that.”

Our summer issue also introduces Martello’s new CEO, John Proctor and his plans to increase client confidence. See article on page 8 “John Proctor’s Climb to the top” and how he is leading one of Kanata’s hottest tech firms to its TSX-V debut.

Find out how Neptec is sharpening its focus on new camera and sensor technologies aiming at increasing automation, accuracy and security aboard space missions. And learn about Purecolo’s new data center in Kanata North is Breaking the data-centre monopoly”.

See how Kanata North tech workers showcase their creative side with an art installation creation for a ‘Wisdom of Trees exhibition, that prompts participants to reflect on importance of collaboration and community. The project was a joint effort by the AOE Arts Council and the Kanata North Business Association as part of a series of neighbourhood arts projects meant to contribute to last year’s Canada 150 celebrations. On page 16.

Read about Algonquin College’s president, Cheryl Jensen visit to Kanata this spring to share her vision of an “education city” and invite members of the country’s largest technology park to collaborate with the school in creating a new cohort of skilled workers on page 18.

Read about the launch of Canada’s first Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory. A brand-new directory, in partnership with Invest Ottawa and the Canadian Automated Vehicles (CAVCOE), that was launched on National Autonomous Vehicle Day on May 31st.  The directory is an open doc hosted in Google Sheets that all Canadian companies, suppliers and contributors to the AV ecosystem can register on with the aim of including companies across the country. Register your company here.

Do you have an interesting story to tell?  A success story or milestone you’ve reached and would like to share? Please reach out to us and we would be happy to feature you in one of  our upcoming issues!