TEDxKanata – Driving Innovation





When I think of Kanata, I think of innovation. I think about all the incredible companies located here that are constantly creating, and innovating and pushing the limits of what is possible. There are many ideas worth sharing in the Kanata business community. For that very reason, bringing a TEDx event to Kanata seems like the perfect fit. This event is an opportunity to bring together thought leaders in a forum perfectly set up to share ideas, discuss and innovate.

Obtaining a TEDx license is no easy feat. I was slightly naive going into the process of what this really entailed. Suffice it to say, a few long months after I applied for a TEDxKanata license – the email arrived. We were successful.

Then the hard work began! I am very fortunate to have an incredible group of volunteers step up who have formed our TEDxKanata Committee. These individuals are all incredible business leaders who see the value, and share the excitement at bringing TEDxKanata to our community.

Over the next two months leading up to the event, I will continue to share with you details about the journey. Most recently I had the pleasure of meeting with one of our TEDx speakers, Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen. Not often does one get to meet with an astronaut – let alone guide them though producing a TEDx talk!
Jenna and Jeremy


Stay tuned for more  updates as the event unfolds.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the website www.tedxkanata.com

The audience is will be limited to 100 thought leaders.  Please go to the website and apply for your ticket today.  It will be an incredible evening – full of ideas worth sharing.  Hope to see you there.

– Jenna Sudds, Executive Director, Kanata North BIA