Not Your Average Office Space!

The Better Software Company hosted a well-attended Open House last Thursday in Kanata North and invited many from the business community out to enjoy some great food, drinks and entertainment!

Better software open house11

Open house entertainment included a performance by a colorful clad contortionist.

We got to tour the e-Commerce Startup’s cool new digs on the ground floor of the sleek Stealth building overlooking the water. There was no shortage of entertainment with live music provided by a solo guitarist, cool magic tricks by a mysteriously talented magician, and an incredible performance by a contortionist! Drinks were served from a Tiki bar and there were several food stations to sample a variety of snacks.

This is not your average office space, with a fully decked out kitchen with vending machines and tall cafe tables and stools, there is also a foosball table, bean bag chairs and vividly colorful paintings on the walls of this new open concept office space.


better software open house2

The Better Software Company kitchen contains vending machines and a Foosball table in the middle of the room.

The green office looks both modern and inviting, with unique and fashionable furniture throughout. All the furnishings were purchased right here in Ottawa and contains a variety of finishes and textures.

Of particular interest was the Green umbrella swing chair sitting in the conference room.  Certainly unusual, it does look like a great place to kick back and contemplate the next software solution for a business customer.



better software open house12

The Green Swing Chair located in the conference room of The Better Software Company.

In the main office space there is a feature wall that contains the insignia “I heart The Better Software Company” highly visible in the middle of the wall. On the opposite side of the room is 3 wall mounted screens and a LED ticker display running inspiring company messages.

An artistic approach in office decor, the new space is fun and creative, and provides the company with plenty of room to expand. You can visit their facebook page to view more photos of their new office and cool work environment. They contribute their decision to open the new office in Kanata North to the relationship they have built with KRP Properties and the service they received from them. KRP works hard at providing modern facilities and excellent amenities and believes there is value in investing in small businesses just as much as the larger ones.

Better software open house10crop

Wall graffiti inside The Better Software Company.

“When they are ready to grow we will have the space for them,” said Terry Young, Director of Property Management at Kanata Research Park Corporation.  “Our retention levels are extremely high. Once they are here, they almost never leave.”  The Better Software Company appear to be quite pleased with their new digs and we are definitely excited about having this promising startup in our business community and wish them much success!

Having visited the creative office space of companies like Gigataur, Youi.TV and ProntoForms, among others, it has become evident that these tech-centric work environments are beginning to brand Kanata as a cool destination for software companies. They are the new ‘urban geek chic’ work environments in the middle of the suburbs!

Maybe you know someone who is looking to expand or simply searching for some great space, Kanata North could be that place—the next destination for office space.