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WannLynx Technologies Inc.

400 March Road, Kanata, ON, Canada



The WannLynx solution provides EMV security for payments. For convenience stores, this will help them meet the April, 2021 US deadline for fuel pumps to be upgraded to accept chip cards. FuelLynx™ can assist with this conversion by integrating payments from pump controllers and terminals, ensuring secure transactions. The design of the FuelLynx and the flexibility of our development team will enable new technologies/payment methods to be easily integrated. FuelLynx easily incorporates alternative payments, such as mobility, WalMart Pay, AliPay, WePay, Venmo, to help reduce interchange fees. Loyalty programs, such as Visa’s, can be easily introduced which will not only save your customers money on their gas purchases (per gallon), it will also entice them into your store with free coffee or other rewards.

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