Research, Data, Results

In 2015 the Kanata North Business Association commissioned the respected firm Doyletech Corporation to conduct an economic impact assessment of Kanata North. The report took a look at the many subsectors in Kanata ‘s business community.

More than 40 individuals across almost every sector in Kanata North were interviewed and participated in the process. Without their engagement and information, this study would not have been possible.

This aim of the Kanata North Economic Impact Analysis was to discover the level of contribution to the technology landscape and to guide us and local stakeholders in investment and promotion decisions, as well as provide a quantitative picture of how much Kanata North contributes to the City of Ottawa, the Ontario provincial, and the Canadian national economies.

What the research discovered is very positive at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, and highlights the many benefits the Kanata North ecosystem offers.

The report helps answer the question Why Kanata North? and pinpoints productivity levels, growing markets and emerging subsectors.

For more details and information take a look inside the report and discover the impact, opportunities and overview of each of the high tech subsectors in Kanata North, including export ratio, employment, and local and regional spending.