Introducing Ottawa’s Autonomous Vehicle Cluster










We are thrilled to present a new website that highlights the Autonomous Vehicle Clusters around our city. As Canada’s AV Capital, Ottawa has the expertise, technology and innovation ecosystem to drive the evolution and advancement of driverless cars.

There are many exciting developments on the radar for our city, and we are pleased to put a spotlight on some of the industry expertise and the companies working on this game-changing technology.

Kanata’s AV Cluster

At the heart of Ottawa’s powerful cluster of advanced networking, software and IOT expertise for autonomous vehicles is Canada’s largest technology park – the Kanata North Technology Park. The map below contains a list of Kanata companies leading the charge.

















In Kanata, Blackberry QNX and Ford are working closely on the idea of a self-driving car and Kanata could be the location that large-scale testing takes place. Read how Kanata North is Leading the Charge on Self-Driving Cars.

This July a successful test drive of the Blackberry QNX Lincoln MKZ was completed in the companies parking lot with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne after her tour of the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre (AVIC) in Kanata North. Check out the media coverage on taking the autonomous car for a spin at Kanata North Technology Park.

In a recent announcement by Vital Alert Communication Inc., the company stated it was awarded a second phase research agreement with Toyota InfoTechnology Centre to evaluate position measurement using VLF (Very Low Frequency) beacons in Smart City environments, and to support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. This agreement allows Vital Alert to enter new markets in the Autonomous Vehicles industry and provide the positioning technology for GPS challenged or denied areas.  The Toyota deal will further leverage the strengths of Vital Alerts’s engineering and R&D team in Kanata and grow job opportunities and talent attraction in Ottawa.

Ottawa is Driving the Revolution

There are 70+ companies across the National Capital Region that are directly contributing homegrown expertise, technology and intelligence to connected cars and AVs of the future. The illustration below highlights the growing list of tech companies that are contributing to Ottawa’s Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem.

















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