5 Key Steps to Market Your Startup

Creating a startup is no easy task. There’s a workforce to assemble—often on a shoestring budget. There’s an actual product or service to create, a job that often takes years and too many hours to count. When it finally comes time to debut your creation, then there’s the selling it—either to other businesses or to people, who may not even know what your product or service is, much less how it would fit into their lives.

In fact, introducing your new company to the public may be one of the most difficult tasks you encounter. You know what your product or service does—and why it is so revolutionary. But everyone else does not, and it’s hard to counter that roadblock. But there are tools and strategies you can use to help.

For example, key influencers can be a gateway to helping you create buzz around your company, especially if they’re geared toward the right market. What else can you do? This graphic can help.

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How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World in 5 Easy Steps

Via Salesforce